A Real Challenge To Branded Medicines

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Viagra has been shown to be the most effective oral drug for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. However, to have a normal sex life despite erectile dysfunction, you need to take Viagra regularly. This is expensive for healthy men.

Viagra is a prescription drug and Pfizer owns the Viagra patent. Pfizer has developed this drug through extensive research and spending millions of dollars annually. It's not the fact that branded Viagra is an expensive drug. Viagra's patents are owned by innovator Pfizer, so pricing can be set to offset the cost of drug research and development.

On the other hand, consider a person who suffers from erectile dysfunction but wants a normal sex life that requires Viagra on a regular basis. Because, these drugs are expensive, taking Viagra on a regular basis is an expensive suggestion and sometimes exorbitant.


A small pharmaceutical company has developed a solution to this problem. They make the equivalent of generics of some branded medicines, but keep the prices of generics within the range of the general public. You can buy generic viagra as these are similar to their brand equivalents in terms of formulation, preparation method, dosage and strength, and are as safe to use as brand drugs.

This system is currently very popular in different countries, with nearly 50% of brand medicines having the equivalent of generics. Insurance companies also insist that customers use generics as much as possible to keep medical costs low.

Buy generic viagra online as it is one such generic that is as effective as brand Viagra, but at a reasonable price. The only difference is that you cannot use the same patent name for generic drugs. For example, Viagra generics cannot be sold under the same name as Viagra. Generic viagra online is usually sold on the market like many other products such as Sildenafil Citrate, Sildenafil and Viagra.

The brand medical or generic name for Viagra is sildenafil citrate. Therefore, if the same drug is marketed under the name of generic Viagra, such as sildenafil citrate or simply sildenafil, there is no patent infringement.


This generic Viagra maker didn't invest too much money in development, just reproduced the prescription. This is why generic Viagra is so cheap and affordable for the average person. You can't resist selling.

This is why at least 50% of brand medicines have the equivalent of generics. Viagra is no exception. The introduction of Generic Viagra came to save the general public suffering from erectile dysfunction.

Since medical costs have skyrocketed recently, generic drugs are on the market as a savior for the general public, claiming to be used recently even by insurance companies. There is no difference between the brand Viagra and Generic Viagra when it comes to the quality and effectiveness of Generic Viagra, and we can assure you that both are made with the same formula and quality control.  So be sure to buy and use generic Viagra or Viagra Oral Jelly so that you can get as much joy from sexual arousal as you can get with brand Viagra.